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one family's decision to choose hope over despair

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The Gift

Soon after Paige's diagnosis, I had the opportunity to meet "CF Great" Dr. Warren Warwick; inventor of the Vest and nationally recognized CF expert. After patiently answering the 100 or so questions I launched his way in rapid succession, Dr. Warwick turned to me and said, "OK, now I have a question for you - what do you like about CF?"

I opened my mouth and waited for something brilliant to come out...but it never did. After spending some time pondering this all-important, life-changing question, I've come up with a list...just in case he cares to ask when we meet in Heaven:

1. I love how CF pulls our family together and reminds us that we are a team instead of "ships passing in the night."

2. I love the fact that CF repeatedly forces us to surrender control to something bigger than ourselves.

3. I love how CF teaches us to live in the moment and appreciate each healthy day we are given.

4. I love the fact that CF shows us time and time again how kind, loving, and compassionate the people in this world can be.

5. I love the families and individuals affected by CF that we have met on this journey.

While I am anxious for a cure to be found, it is clear to me that in some ways, this disease has been "a gift." A gift that challenges each and every member of our family to grow stronger and wiser.